The Legend

“Lord make us good, but not right now,” said Jim Courtright, Fort Worth’s bad-tempered ex-marshal and gambler who walked both sides of the law. His sentiments summed up the ongoing battle for the soul of Hell’s Half Acre. Gamblers, outlaw gangs and thrill seekers sought pleasure and excitement — until things got out of hand. Reformers, progressives and righteous folks fought to turn Hell’s Half Acre from its evil ways – until of course, it affected the town’s bottom line.

This “sinners & saints” scenario battles it out in the design and mood of the Acre Distillery. Coffee drinkers in the light of day can reflect on the design of a more virtuous Hell’s Half Acre. As day gives way to night, the darker components of the distillery play out in lighting, mood and the overall design of the bar and tasting area.

Come In and See Us Anytime

Located at 12th and Calhoun Street in downtown Fort Worth, the Acre Distillery & Coffee House is planted firmly in what was once Fort Worth’s legendary Hell’s Half Acre, an area known for its gambling, alcohol and outlaws. The Acre offers a unique atmosphere that mixes Fort Worth history with a high-end ambiance, featuring a large bar, tasting area and seating with wide views of distillery operations. High speed wi-fi is also available as well as electrical outlets fitted with USB ports for charging laptops, tablets, and phones.

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What We Offer

Patrons of the Acre can order drinks made with distillery spirits from the full-service bar, or take a bottle of handcrafted spirits home with them to enjoy. Spirits made by the Acre Distillery will also be bottled and distributed to bars and retailers across Texas.The Acre offers not only quality made spirits, but also locally brewed Avoca Coffee and freshly made pastries in the morning. In addition, Acre has a sandwich line for lunch as well as flat bread pizzas and cheese boards for evening snacking.

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Saturdays we will offer group tour and tastings, groups of 8 or more please call us in advance. You will be able to experience the distilling process first-hand and also learn the colorful history of Hell’s Half Acre. Looking for a unique venue to host a birthday party or other private event? Contact us and we can help you create an unforgettable experience at an affordable rate. For locals, visitors and students seeking an authentic Fort Worth experience, come to The Acre and remember, No need to pick a side. A little vice and virtue resides in all of us.

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