Virtue and Vice

In the area of downtown Fort Worth that used be known as Hell’s Half Acre, a new distillery and coffee shop is looking to bring some life to Calhoun Street. The aptly named Acre Distillery and Coffee opened quietly in December cialis 5mg 10mg 20mg tadalafil. Located at 1309 Calhoun St. across the street from … Continued

Passing the Bar

The other morning, I had this really balmy dream in which, after having made my way through some kind of maze (there were traps and some angry dogs), I emerged into the top floor of a downtown high rise. Every door on this particular floor opened into a law office, though in the dream it … Continued

Rahr & Sons Veterans Infuse Downtown Fort Worth with House-Made Spirits

The moment draws near for Acre Distilling & Coffee House, a combination distillery and bar opening in downtown Fort Worth, in the old Keg Steakhouse space, featuring the talents of a former brewer at Rahr & Sons. Acre is a unique concept that will both brew and serve spirits, either retail by the bottle, or … Continued

Acre Voted the No.1 Best New Restaurant in Fort Worth

No.1 Best New Restaurant in Fort Worth A pair of Rahr Brewery expats opened this distillery/bar/coffeehouse combo on the south side of downtown, in the old Keg Steakhouse building. Craft cocktails are made with house-distilled booze. Seating surrounds the distillery equipment, giving you a cool, ringside seat to the distillery process. Acre also offers good … Continued